Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) is a protocol used by your hospital to improve outcomes after surgery. This ERAS factsheet (PDF) was developed by the SGO Education Committee’s 2023-2024 ERAS Subcommittee, featuring primary authors: Diogo Torres, MD, Clarissa Polen-De, MD, Madeleine Courtney-Brooks, MD, MPH, along with discussion input from Lee-may Chen, MD, Nawar Latif, MD, MPH, MSCE, Brenna Swift, MD, Colin Sitler, DO, and Erica Hope, MD. Also, thanking Gregg Nelson, MD and Sean Dowdy, MD for their input as content experts and the FWC Patient Education Committee for the collaboration opportunity.

Special thanks to Jessica Walchonski, PA-C for her contribution to the recording of the video below, which highlights the benefits of ERAS and guidelines that will help members of your care team ensure that you do and feel your best after surgery.