2022 Allied Health Professionals Meeting

The SGO 2022 Allied Health Professionals Meeting was held in Chicago, IL and online on October 14-16, 2022. 

The three on-demand only session for the 2022 meeting are available for viewing:

  • Gestational Trophoblastic Neoplasia (GTN) - Erica Weston, MD
  • Hormone Therapy in Gynecologic Oncology, Practicing in the Face of Myth and Fear - Robert Wenham, MD, MS
  • Perfecting Your Presentation: How to Prepare and Deliver a Great Presentation - Sarah Ackroyd, MD

The recordings of the live educational sessions are included as well.

Day 1:

  • Landmark Trials and Recent Clinical Advances in Gynecologic Oncology - Joshua Kesterson, MD
  • How Did I Get This and Is It Ever Going Away?: Answering common clinical questions about HPV infection - Mary Towner, MD
  • Complications after surgery for gynecologic cancers - Melissa Mark, ACNP-BC
  • Sexuality & Sexual Difficulties Among Women with Cancer - Kristen Carpenter, PhD

Day 2:

  • Rare Tumors - Amanda Nickles Fader, MD
  • Gynecologic Surgery: Open, MIS and More! - Kate Mills, MD
  • Spare Parts: In Conversation With A Transgender Man Navigating Ovarian Cancer - Tristan Bilash, RSW, and Allison Asante, PA-C
  • Cervical Cancer in 2022 - Ilana Cass, MD
  • Initiating a Survivorship Program - Megan Lanigan, NP
  • Participation in Gynecologic Oncologic Clinical Trials as an Unmet Need - Christine Deskovich, MSN, RN

Day 3:

  • Managing Adverse Events of Chemotherapy - Kathleen Lutz, NP
  • Radiation Therapy Side Effects in Gynecologic Cancers - Stacey Shields, RN, MSN
  • Treatment landscape after PARP: Rechallenge, Resistance and Reevaluation - Emily Hinchcliff, MD

This content is no longer eligible for continuing education credit. 

Target Audience

Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, advanced practice providers, allied health professionals

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