Antineoplastic Therapy for Gynecologic Malignancies – 4th Edition

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This updated edition of SGO’s handbook reviewing systemic therapy for gynecologic cancer provides basic familiarity with standard therapies for gynecologic cancers, a summary of newer developments, and a guide to managing common toxicities. As a searchable PDF e-book, the handbook is intended to serve as a concise, clinically useful reference for practitioners in their everyday care of women with gynecologic cancers.

This resource was developed under the direction of the SGO Clinical Practice Committee (2021-2022) with contributions from the following individuals:

Stéphanie Gaillard, MD, PhD, Editor
John Nakayama, MD, Editor
Deborah Armstrong, MD
Rebecca Brooks, MD
Noelle Cloven, MD
Erin Crane, MD
Diana English, MD
Melissa Frey, MD
Whitney Goldsberry, MD
Whitney Graybill, MD, MS
June Hou, MD
Erin Lips, MD
Róisín O’Cearbhaill, MD
Fiona Simpkins, MD
Andrew Wiechert, MD
SGO wishes to thank the individuals who contributed their time and expertise to earlier editions of this resource.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Introduction and Principles of Antineoplastic Therapies
Chapter 2. Chemotherapeutic Agents Used in the Treatment of Gynecologic Malignancies
Chapter 3. Targeted Therapy for Gynecologic Malignancies
Chapter 4. Design and Practical Applications of Clinical Trials
Chapter 5. Role of Chemotherapy in Epithelial Cancers of the Ovary, Fallopian Tube, and Peritoneum
Chapter 6. Role of Systemic Therapy in Nonepithelial Ovarian Cancers
Chapter 7. Role of Antineoplastic Treatment in Cancers of the Uterus
Chapter 8. Role of Chemotherapy in Cancers of the Cervix, Vagina, and Vulva
Chapter 9. Role of Chemotherapy in Gestational Trophoblastic Disease
Chapter 10. Premedications, Antiemetics, and Other Considerations in Antineoplastic Therapy
Chapter 11. Management of Hematologic Toxicities
Chapter 12. Management of Nonhematologic Toxicities and Complications
Chapter 13. Care of the Cancer Patient Near the End of Life
Appendix 1. RECIST Response Criteria 1.1
Appendix 2. Common Tools Used to Assess Functional Status
Appendix 3. Common Toxicity Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE)
Appendix 4. Chemotherapy Calculations
Appendix 5. Genetics

Keywords: Chemotherapy, Targeted therapy, Ovarian cancer, Vulvar cancer, Vaginal cancer, Endometrial/uterine cancer, Cervical/cervix cancer, GTD/gestational trophoblastic disease, Toxicities, Palliative care/end of life, Genetics, Premedications, Antiemetics

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