Key Concepts of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery: ERAS–Why Do We Do It?

For this installment, we have decided to go back to the beginning, and return to key concepts of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. ERAS–why do we do it? What are the guiding principles? In an engaging 20 minutes, our working group discussants address key elements of ERAS and why we do it.

Opioid/ERAS Subcommittee Speakers:
Lee-may Chen, MD
Jing-Yi Chern, MD
Sharmilee Korets, MD
Andras Ladanyi, MD, PhD
Matthew Wagar, MD
Erin Hickey Zacholski, PharmD
Opioid/ERAS Subcommittee Member and Podcast Script Editor:
Amanika Kumar, MD

Keywords: ERAS, Key Concepts of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery, bowel prep, pulmonary function, pain management, decrease venous thrombo-embolis, VTE prophylaxis, fluid management

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SGO Members

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