Scientific Plenary III: Farr Nezhat Surgical Innovation Session

Moderators: Bill Cliby, MD, Emily Hill, MD, and Alex Olawaiye, MD


  • Comparing Gynecologic Oncologist versus General Surgeon outcomes following bowel resections during cytoreductive surgery: A study of the National Surgical Quality Improvement Database (Jasmine Ebott, MD)
  • A feasibility study for mapping ovarian sentinel lymph nodes: does location of injection matter? (Olga Filippova, MD)
  • Minimizing Futile Laparotomies at Primary Cytoreduction for Advanced Ovarian Cancer: A Feasibility Study Comparing Management Algorithms (Ryan Kahn, MD)
  • Laparotomy versus minimally invasive surgery for interval debulking surgery among patients with advanced ovarian cancer (Kristen Jorgensen, MD)
  • Debate: MIS vs Open Surgery in Interval Cytoreduction (Jubilee Brown, MD & Dennis Chi, MD)
  • Fertility-sparing surgery for early cervical cancer: Assessment of conization with lymph node evaluation (Zachary Anderson, MD)
  • Cervical cancer recurrence among women undergoing surgery for early-stage disease (Clarissa Polen-De, MD)
  • Debate: Merits of MIS for Cervical Cancer (Alexander Melamed, MD & Shitanshu Uppal, MD)



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