SGO Taskforce for Board Certification Support: Highlighting Uterine Malignancies and GTD - Preparing for the ABOG Oral Exam (Pt. 5)

Listen to Tracilyn Hall, MD, co-chair of the SGO Taskforce for Board Certification Support, interview Claire Hoppenot, MD and Alexander Melamed, MD discuss the best resources for Uterine Malignancies and GTD Considerations when preparing for the ABOG oral board exam. Overall, the taskforce offers six informative podcasts focused on high-yield topics and best preparation practices. 
This podcast episode addresses important resources and questions regarding reviewing for the ABOG Gynecology Oncology Certifying Exam. This episode cites helpful references such the ABOG bulletin, resources on the SGO ConnectEd website, and relevant studies. 

  • Click here to access SGO ConnectEd to review additional resources on Uterine Malignancies and GTD Considerations.
  • Great Study Guides: ABOG Gynecology Oncology Exam bulletin, which has a comprehensive list of possible topics. As for some just general good places to focus as it gets closer to the time of the exam think about NCCN guidelines, UpToDate, and GYOEDU.ORG
This episode was recorded in February 2023; special thanks to Drs. Hoppenot and Melamed for their contributions to it.
Keywords: certification taskforce, uterine malignancies, endometrial cancer, sarcoma, GTD, genetic, genetic and molecular testing patterns, perioperative considerations, board certification resources, study group resources for board exam, board certification support, case list preparation, ABOG, ABOG Oral Board Certification, ABOG Board Exam, immunotherapy toxicity

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Moderator: Tracilyn Hall, MD

Speakers: Claire Hoppenot, MD and Alexander Melamed, MD


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