Updates and Highlights from Summer NRG Oncology 2023

Join Dr. Robert Neff as he interviews Drs. Kathleen Moore and Charles Leath III, to discuss the latest NRG Oncology updates. Topics include upcoming studies, research, and trials, with a goal of bridging any information gaps between SGO members and NRG Oncology. 
Questions covered during the interview:
1.    Since NRG just celebrated its 10-year anniversary during the Summer Meeting, what is the vision for NRG in the next 10 years?
2.    What are some of the successes within the past year for the Ovary Subcommittee?
3.    What were the most important highlights from the Cervix and Vulvar Subcommittee?
4.    Are there opportunities for new members to be involved? 
Robert Neff, MD
2023-2024 SGO Clinical Trials Management/Concepts Subcommittee Member 
Kathleen Moore, MD
Charles Leath II, MD
Note: This episode was created by Dr. Robert Neff, 2023-2024 member of the SGO Education Committee's Clinical Trials Management/Concepts Subcommittee. Thanks to Drs. Moore and Leath, III for your contribution to this episode.
Keywords: clinical trials, oncology, NRG, NRG updates

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