SGO Taskforce for Board Certification Support: Ovarian Cancer Resources - Preparing for the ABOG Oral Board Exam (Pt. 4)

Join Scott Richard, MD, co-chair of the SGO Taskforce for Board Certification Support, Anna Beavis, MD, and Robert Neff, MD, as they discuss the best ovarian cancer resources on surgical considerations, chemotherapy, and genetic testing when preparing for the ABOG oral board exam. This podcast episode addresses important resources and questions regarding study preparation, reviewing case list and grouping your cases to see their similarities/differences, management of toxicities of common targeted therapies for gynecologic cancers, the benefits of joining a study group, attending the SGO Annual Meeting sessions, knowing the FDA indications, and more. The taskforce will offer six informative podcasts focused on high yield topics and best preparation practices. 
ABOG and SGO Collaboration during the SGO 2023 Annual Meeting
During the SGO 2023 Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer in Tampa, FL, representatives from The American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology (ABOG) will join the SGO Taskforce for Board Certification Support to discuss logistics of the certifying exam as well as the assessment and scoring process, so please keep an eye for the following 2-hour session and three-day roundtable discussions when registering for the upcoming SGO 2023 Annual Meeting and be sure to sign up if interested in participating.             
2-hour ABOG and Stats Session and Three-day Roundtable Discussions
Friday, March 24, 2023 | 1:00 – 4:00 pm | Special Interest Session III: Resident, Fellow, Candidate Session
Becoming an Expert: Board Certification Support Series: Present the partnership between the SGO Taskforce for Board Certification Support and the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) to demystify the logistics of the gynecologic oncology subspecialty certifying exam and the assessment and scoring process.
  • Overview with ABOG: 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Statistics Overview: 30 minutes
Three-day SGO Taskforce for Board Certification Support Roundtable Discussions – Part 1-3 | (7:15-8:15am)
Target Audience: Candidates Taking Boards in April 2023
The three-day roundtable will include discussions from taskforce facilitators covering hypothetical cases and case reviews with candidates that are in line with the sections of the certifying exam.
  • Saturday March 25, 2023
    • Topic: Ovarian, Peritoneal, Fallopian Tube Cancer (including Chemotherapy)
  • Sunday March 26, 2023
    • Topic: Uterine Malignancies: Endometrial Cancer, Sarcoma, GTD, other
  • Monday March 27, 2023
    • Topic: Cervical, Vulvar and Vaginal Cancer and Radiation Therapy
  • Click here to access SGO ConnectEd to review additional resources on Ovarian Cancer.
  • As for some just general good places to focus as it gets closer to the time of the exam think about NCCN guidelines, UpToDate, and GYOEDU.ORG.
  • Listen to Key Concepts of Enhanced Recovery After Surgery. ERAS–Why Do We Do It?
  • There are SGO ConnectEd chemo flash cards that are high yield when it comes to toxicities.
This episode was recorded in February 2023; special thanks to Drs. Beavis and Neff for their contributions to it.
Keywords: certification taskforce, ovarian cancer, rare tumors, surgical considerations, PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer, chemotherapy, genetic testing, board certification, board certification resources, study group resources for board exam, board certification support, case list preparation, ABOG, ABOG Oral Board Certification, ABOG Board Exam

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Moderator: Scott Richard, MD

Speakers: Anna Beavis, MD and Robert Neff, MD


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