Title Credit Typesort descending Event date Cost
The Future is Now: Determining the Fate of Gynecologic Oncology Enduring $0.00
Turnover Talk: Surgical Innovations in Gynecologic Cancers Enduring $0.00
SGO Wellness Curriculum Sneak Peek Part 1: Managing Priorities Enduring $0.00
Successful Research Partnerships: Pro Tips for Interacting and Collaborating with Industry On-Demand Webinar Enduring $20.00
SGO Robotics Academy: Robotic Genitourinary Procedures in Gynecologic Oncology Enduring $0.00
Keeping up with the Chemos Series: Lenvatinib/Pembrolizumab - Preparing to Give It (Part 1) Enduring $0.00
2020 Annual Meeting Surgical Films Enduring $0.00
Session 3: Barriers to Care
    • 1.00 Participation
Enduring $0.00
Education Forum II: Allied Health Session: Bring Back That Loving Feeling...But Not Your Cancer: HRT in Gynecologic Cancer Enduring $0.00
Radiation Therapy: Introduction to Principles & Applications in Gynecologic Malignancies Enduring $0.00
Understanding and Applying Molecular Profiling Tests in Ovarian Cancer (Cocktail Part 3): Full Seminar Enduring $0.00
Session 1: Striving for Gender Equity in the Operating Room: Lessons Learned from Lived Experiences On-Demand Webinar Enduring $0.00
An Update on Payment Reform in Cancer Care Enduring $0.00
Keeping up with the Chemos Series: Mirvetuximab Soravtansine - Preparing to Give It (Part 1) Enduring $0.00
When to Operate and When to Hesitate: Safety and Surgical Considerations for Gynecologic Oncologists During the COVID-19 Pandemic Enduring $0.00