Title Credit Type Event date Cost
Personalized Medicine in Ovarian Cancer: It's Finally Time podcast Enduring $0.00
A Personalized Approach to Patients Diagnosed with Advanced or Recurrent Ovarian Cancer On-Demand Webinar
    • 0.50 Participation
Enduring $0.00
Ridiculously Good Writing: How to Write Like a Pro and Publish Like a Boss! Enduring $0.00
Session 5: Overcoming Barriers and Data Collection
    • 1.00 Participation
Enduring $0.00
Session 6: Considerations and Risks for Gynecologic and Breast/Chest Cancers in Transgender Patients
    • 1.00 Participation
Enduring $0.00
Scientific Plenary I: Breaking Barriers: Towards Greater Equity in Gyn Oncology Care Enduring $0.00
Master Class: Breaking Barriers: Developing World Class Clinical Research Programs & Closing the Diversity Gap Enduring $0.00
Session 7: Considerations During and After Gynecologic Care for Transgender Patients
    • 1.00 Participation
Enduring $0.00
Education Forum I: Your Coding Questions Answered Enduring $0.00
SGO 2022 Annual Meeting ABOG Speaker: J. Nwando Olayiwola Enduring $0.00
Master Class: Rare but Revelatory: Clinical Updates & Research Advancements in Uncommon Gynecologic Cancers Enduring $0.00
Master Class: Optimize and Operate: Enhancing Perioperative Quality, Safety, Experience, and Outcomes Enduring $0.00
Scientific Plenary IV: Late-breaking Abstracts Enduring $0.00
Education Forum II: Allied Health Session: Bring Back That Loving Feeling...But Not Your Cancer: HRT in Gynecologic Cancer Enduring $0.00
Scientific Plenary V: Bullseye! Precision Medicine and Hitting the Right Targets Enduring $0.00